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We have our own design and construction office, which operates on the visualization market for both clients and the needs of the MG Group. This department of the company deals with the concept of visual and specialist projects, from the task analysis phase to the finally agreed technical design for production purposes, including prototype and short-run production. 

We are characterized by professionalism and willingness to meet customer needs, especially when conducting various marketing campaigns or rebranding of store facilities on a larger scale. We are able to carry out orders in many stores at the same time.

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Industrial design

Spatial product designs

We implement graphic designs in the field of industrial design regardless of the industry or the complexity of the product. Our projects are characterized by ergonomics as well as innovative graphic and technical solutions. When designing furniture, we always consider the degree of use of furniture space from an economic point of view. When working on the housing of devices, we focus on ergonomics and aesthetics. When designing packaging, we carefully develop their shape and graphics. We are guided by the assumption that there is no such product manufactured for human needs that it would not be possible to improve it in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Any change in the product’s design and form, which improves its key haptic or visual features, potentially creates its new, more interesting and more useful version – both for our client and the final recipient.


designing 3D object models
A separate area in Mag-Graf Projekt is designing 3D object models in virtual space, which are used for prototyping with additive methods. Comprehensive orders include both processing of solids for presentation in the form of an image, and – in the next phase of the project – their printing using any spatial printing technique. As part of prototyping, we can distinguish:

quick production of technological components

(elements involved in the technological process that are rapidly degraded)
three-dimensional scanning – 3D
virtual prototyping


Brand image design

Projects in the area of “BRANDING” and “REBRANDING” – related to the visualization and creation of the brand image – we carry out both in the field of smaller orders, such as the development of several versions of logotypes, and as part of the full development of Visual Identity Books (Book of Marks), covering all, even the smallest aspects of using brand visualization in marketing or PR communications.

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